Simon Horsemanship, LLC


Thank you for the out pour of kind messages from students in Anaheim after hearing of my move to American Canyon. You are missed dearly!

We, Layla, Luis & I thank you for the training and opportunity to volunteer for your "Helping Hooves" therapeutic equine program, learning more of Natural Horsemanship and horse training and our riding lessons with you.

I shall always remember little Ryan's biggest smiles upon arriving at the stable, he kept smiling during his therapeutic riding lessons and, despite of any pain, he still smiled when his lesson was over!

Equally fond are my memories of:

The young blind man who seldom missed the net when he threw the ball and, he always sang "Home, Home On The Range" during his "trail ride" of the stable's common areas.

A middle aged woman who has MS, her fight to retain her mobility, especially the mobility of her lower extremities that allows her to drive a non-altered for special needs car and, her continued ability to walk.

The female teenager who has benefited immensely from your therapeutic riding lessons and, her strengthened back muscles allow her to ride with only a waist/ midriff corset.

I also recall the female teenager volunteer who has the physical scars from knife cuts and cigarettes burns her mother inflicted on her body during her childhood until she found refuge with her grandparents. Your "Helping Hooves" program and your horses helped to heal her physical and emotional wounds.

Layla and I too felt the healing power from being around and working with you and your horses! Starting in May 2011 we adopted Starlight N Roses. Through caring for horses, we have met and connected with many nice individuals & families and, in the end, founded our "Horse Family" which is comprised of 2-legged & 4-legged members. We are forever thankful for what you have taught us about horses, have showed us how horses help people to heal and, helped us to realize how much "richer" life is once you let horses teach you what is really important in life!

We wish you, Matt & your animals a safe move to Napa and, hope you will settle nicely in your new home! 

Beate Davis- Student and volunteer

Thank you for helping Tatum become the rider she is. We will never forget you or Gibson. I always felt so safe when she was with both of you.

Michele Pickel, Mother of student

I love Gibson, he's very versatile and lots of fun! I have ridden him for more than three years and have come to love him lots! He's the best horse I have ever ridden. Sadly for me I will say goodbye to him and his owner Ann Simon next week as they embark on a new journey in American Canyon in Napa Valley. I have learned a lot from Gibson but even more from Ann- I will miss her as much as I will miss Gibson! I know you will excel at whatever you do Ann!

Shelly Menelly- Friend, student, volunteer and leaser of Gibson for 3 years

 Ann has an amazing gift. I wish her and Matt all the best in Northern California! Bless you Ann for all you have done for Kid and I!!

Suzie Reeb, Student/training client


Thank you so much for teaching Kevin and I about horses, it has been truly life changing.
Debra Hawes, Student

Didi was very sad to hear that you and your horses are leaving.  This is her favorite activity!. 
We have enjoyed and appreciated your professionalism and the care that you exhibit in your business.  We wish you much success as you move on.
Olive Paek- Grandmother of student

My special needs daughter Jamie came to Ann as a total beginner about a year and a half ago when her Aunt purchased a lessons package for her as a gift. I admit that I was somewhat skeptical of the whole idea at that time and I wasn't sure how it would turn out. To my delight it has turned out to be an extraordinarily positive experience, not only for Jamie, but for myself and my wife Mary. Jamie has progressed beyond what I ever thought possible. She is a very high functioning special needs young adult, but I never expected her to do so well so quickly. Under Ann's patient guidance she has learned about basic horsemanship and how to handle a horse while in the saddle, up to and including being able to trot the horse, and is even beginning to canter. This has done wonders for her self-confidence and self-esteem. And it gives her something in her life that she truly loves and looks forward to doing, building upon the love she already had for horses. It inspired my wife Mary to begin her own private lessons with Ann, which is going very well indeed as Mary's lifelong dream of learning to ride is now being fulfilled. They both look so forward to their lessons and time with the horses and it's a wonderful thing that brings them both much happiness. As for myself, I have learned much about these magnificent animals, and even though I don't ride or want to ride, I've gotten great satisfaction from seeing the joy it brings Jamie and Mary, and had my consciousness raised about these extraordinary creatures. I truly enjoy the time we spend together with the horses, and I am so grateful to Ann for bringing this positive activity into our lives. Whether it's for special needs therapeutic riding or for private lessons I would highly recommend Ann and her organization. 5 Stars! 

-Tom Rush, parent and husband of students

Our son loves going every Sunday to ride Buster. He has gained so much self confidence since he started back in February 2011.  His balance has improved, and his tolerance to a lot of things has improved. The volunteers are so happy to be there and help. (I think that they get as much out of it as the kids do!)  I would recommend Ann to anyone who has a Special needs child or is looking to ride and learn more about horses. It is one of the best things that we have ever done for our son.

-Laryn Nolan, parent of Therapeutic riding student

Our 4 year old daughter has many challenges with her trunk control and tightness in her legs due to her cerebral palsy.  She even had to have surgery to loosen her leg muscles and her Dr recommended we get her into a horse riding therapy program as soon as possible.  She began riding two months ago and loves it!  Her trunk control continues to improve with every session.  She sits up much straighter now on her own and has even started talking more.  

-Rachel Sutherland, parent of therapy student

One of the great things about Ann is her incredible calmness and patience with her students and horses. She has an endless amount of both. If you are looking for fun, safe and skilled lessons, this is the place for you and your family. Two thumbs way up!

-Nicole Falconer, training client/student

I used a Living Social (Groupon type thing) to take the girls riding at ___________ Stables with _________ (*edited for stables privacy) .  You are *far* better!  Not many people are good at communicating with children (she wasn't).  You can be sure I will be recommending you (glowingly) to anyone who asks.

-- Michael Campbell, parent of western horsemanship students
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I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for your expertise and patience working with Jamie. She has gotten so much joy and a real sense of accomplishment from training with you and building relationships with the horses. We all feel very fortunate to know you and about your program.

-- Sue Rush, parent of student