Simon Performance Horsemanship

Monthly Training Program:
I specialize in ground work, starting & finishing, tune- ups and problem solving. I have worked with horses of many different, levels, breeds, temperaments and disciplines including young-senior horses, barrel racers, reiners, cow horses, trail horses and kids horses/ponies. I work to create a willing, fun and educated equine partner for every owner. I also believe in the importance of educating the owner so that they can become a better leader for their horse.

Whether your goal is to have a great riding horse to have fun with in the arena or out on trail or a higher level performance horse to experience the thrill of showing, I can help you in the following areas:
  • Groundwork 
  • Colt Starting/ re-starting (Full Training)
  • Tune-ups
  • Problem Solving
  • First Time Horse Owners
  • Horse sales/ sale prep
  • Daycare
  • Sensory/Desensitizing/Obstacles
  • Trail Riding
  • Reining Fundamentals
  • Gymkhana/ Barrels/ Poles
  • Ranch Sorting

Ask about training availability and fees for individual services or for offsite services at your location. 

Boarding Fees-

Includes feed 2x per day, cleaning daily (stalls), trailer parking and space in tack room
$375 pasture or paddock board

$450  box stall (cleaning daily and re-bedding as needed. Turnout 5 days/week)

Training Fees-

Tune-up Training- $275 per month
- 2 training sessions per week (or 8 per month)
- 2 lessons per month* 


-1 training sessions per week

-1 lesson per week

Part Time Training- $400 per month
- 3 training sessions per week (or 12 per month)
- 2 lessons per month* 


-2 training sessions per week

-1 lesson per week

Full Time Training- $525 per month
- 4 Training sessions per week (or 16 per month)
- 4 Lessons per month* (or a 5th training session/week)

*lessons are added into packages as a courtesy and there is no discount if they are not used and unused lessons do not normally carry over to the following month.

Training Discounts:

$25 off per monthly training package if more than one of your horses is in training.

$5 off each individual training session if more than one horse