Meet the Horses!

Gibson is a 18 year old Quarter Horse Gelding. He has a wonderful personality and will do anything for his rider.

He has a show background in Rodeo drill team, gymkhana (barrel racing), ranch sorting and trail obstacle.

Gibson is a forward horse and he loves to run! But he is very responsive and will slow down for his riders too. He loves his "brother" Slider!

Slider is a 19 year old Quarter Horse Gelding. Slider loves people and thinks he is part human since he was raised as an orphan and bottle fed (he will still drink from a bottle!)

He has a show background in many different events from reining, to western and english pleasure to gymkhana and trail. He is an awesome therapeutic horse because he is brave and calm.

He likes to test our riding school students at first, but once they figure him out he is always a favorite!

Sponsor a Horse

Don't have your own horse or getting ready for horse ownership? Are you interested in having more time to spend and practice your horsemanship? Find out about the terms and costs of sponsoring one of our lesson horses below.
-You may be asked to be enrolled in lessons to lease a horse depending on your skill level.

-You must be able to groom, saddle, bridle and ride independently at walk, jog, lope or under the supervision of someone that can.

- You must have permission to go out on trail.

-You will be given about a three hour or so period that we decide upon together to ride/care for the horse, additional time (i.e show/clinic) will require an additional fee.

-This is not a horse rental business, I like my sponsors to take an active part in the horses care and training as if this was your own horse. We  work together to make sure each of the horses are cared for and exercised. You may be asked on occasion to ride a different horse, turn out or feed another horse, clean up ect.

-While I provide the feed and tack, most of the sponsors will buy their own brushes, tack, treats, help with a bag of grain here and there ect.

-I do not offer month to month leasing. You may try the horse out for a month to make sure they will be a good fit. Then you must commit to at least 3 months. This is for the horses well being and training.

- These horses are used for lessons throughout the week, you must be willing to work around the lesson schedule if something changes (such as a clinic/ camp that the  horses are needed for).

-Make-up rides are always available if you miss a ride, but no discount for the lease will be provided if you miss a day.

-Sponsors money is due the first of every month, I use this money to help pay the horses board.


$125/ 1 day per week/ month

$225/ 2 days per week/ month

$300/ 3 days per week/ month

$450/ Full lease (covers cost of horses board, ride as much as you want, horse will not be leased to anyone else)

Ask about discount if you lease more than one horse*